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Last updated 3:40 PM on 5 July 2018

The Governor of NSW's wife – Mrs Linda Hurley visits

What an extraordinary morning Friday, 23rd February was, in Bellingen PS. We were able to host Mrs Linda Hurley, the wife of the current Governor of NSW.

Our school leaders excelled themselves greeting Mrs Hurley and conducting her to the hall for the most amazing musical concert, put together by the fabulous Liz Scott, together with all our music tutors.

Our students were outstanding, both in their musicianship, and engagement.

And, to finish, Mrs Hurley, a strong advocate for choirs and signing led us all in singing You are my sunshine…Wow!

Our P & C then put on the most delicious morning tea.

What a morning!

School Leaders, Mrs Hurley and Graeme Ross


Junior string group


Mrs Hurley


Stage 2 choir