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Last updated 11:54 AM on 16 August 2016

I was a bit scared last Friday. I was the new kid at the school and even though I blended in in my uniform I had to face the big day ahead.

The morning was really cool. There was this super long assembly but all of the students and teachers and parents watched these really clever kids who danced and sang and played instruments and listened respectfully to speeches and awards. They were an awesome audience.

At lunch time things started to unravel a bit. The teachers told me I was out of bounds when I innocently wandered past the staffroom and they sent me to the playground. Then a teacher made me go to the bottom oval because I was too big for the top oval. REALLY! Anyway some kids asked me to play which was nice and inclusive and I got to kick a ball and run around. I really don't remember poking my tongue out at Mrs Head (honestly) but apparently I did so I was sent to the shelter and to Miss Cross the Principal. Great

After lunch I ended up exited to 5/6A L . Still being a bit angry, Mrs Everson and Miss Connie worked hard to get my engine running "just right" and me "ready to learn". Realising that they were ignoring my protests and outbursts I started listening to the science lesson and could hear that the kids had made hypotheses based on an experiment where they had placed leaves in a plastic bag and hung them outside. They were having a terrific discussion based on their observations. Then Miss Cross came and got me – how embarrassing!

All was going well until Mrs Nelson, for some inexplicable reason, thought I needed time out in 1A. I'm afraid I wasn't a very good role model in 1A. However, Mrs Mellalieu and her class really helped me to understand the blue and yellow rules and see the error of my ways.

By recess I think I really had the hang of being a responsible student. I played tips on the oval with some really friendly kids who were happy to include me in their game and the Stage 1 boys and girls were friendly buddies in the shelter.

I think Miss Cross told my family when they rang to check on me during the day that I had been in a bit of trouble but at home time she told them I had  tried hard to improve. Miss Cross was friendly and caring and worked hard to help me and the other students I saw her with during the day.

I had a great day. Thanks Bellingen Public!!

Elizabeth Mulligan, (‘New student')

The new student enjoyed her day


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